and actually-fun-to-read sponsor pitches that you come to expect and always enjoy. And put it at the top of the newsletter! Use ContactMonkey to set a Delay Send for your newsletters so that your employees receive them when they’re most likely to read them. We’ve rounded up some fun employee newsletter ideas, examples, and best practices to help you take your company newsletter to the next level. href=”″ > hbspt.cta.load(6282300, '1fb737e2-d35c-46b3-a59e-198e19c9a2a7', {}); Your newsletter can help you learn about how your employees engage with your newsletters. Key takeaway: Employees like to know the “why” behind what they’re being asked to look at. Why it works: It focuses on them and how you will solve their pain point. Maybe even create a section of the newsletter dedicated to listing such opportunities? Alex Cleary is a Content Marketing Specialist at ContactMonkey. They have unique calls-to-action that make you laugh and think while you share. ContactMonkey’s internal communications tool makes it easy to add custom text in your email’s subject and body content: Key takeaway: When a person sees an email in their inbox addressed to them, the information within will take on a personal importance; this is exactly how you want your employees to feel about your newsletter content! Want to see what good internal newsletters look like? Clean, crisp imagery, excellent and varied content, clear and engaging CTAs, a mobile-friendly design … Use infographics to get everything read, 16. Spice up your subject lines. You are receiving this newsletter because you previously made a purchase on our website. Pro-tip: the light-hearted tone of this format works best when it aligns with your culture and brand. It proves that when it comes to great design, less is more. Think about the busy reader - Articles should be presented to the reader as concise summaries or teasers which, if appropriate, allow employees to navigate to more detailed content (within the newsletter, on the intranet or elsewhere). With this information you can confidently refine and improve your newsletter content. Well, here are some examples for you to mull over. Executives in the spotlight Create an inclusive, transparent work environment from the top down by including a Senior Management Spotlight section where employees get to know the company’s top executives. Visually offers videos, infographics, reports, presentations and more. Business update newsletter design example For starters, your newsletter should contain content that’s valuable to subscribers. Do you have an internal company blog? That was until we discovered a newsletter that shook up our perspective and had us rethinking what is possible when it comes to internal newsletters. Monitor performance and track email analytics to learn how your audience responds to your content. 2. It is more mature and strikes a beautiful balance between. He only ever focuses on ten topics and ranks them from most important to least important. With over 6 million subscribers, they have over 1 million people opening their newsletter, including a bunch of high-profile celebs like Oprah, Sarah Jessica Parker, Trevor Noah, Shonda Rhimes, and Chelsea Handler. “Free what?”– Arouse … Their snarky pop-culture references make the news more interesting for those less inclined to read or consume the news daily. Lesson: Write a killer “teaser” for each article. It is design focused without being design heavy. The foremost benefit of having an internal newsletter is that it keeps everyone in the loop. Are we engaged? All the content is relevant, short, valuable, and nested in colored blocks that make the information the reader is looking for easy to find. Check out this example of an alert template created within ContactMonkey’s email template builder: Not only is creating alerts and reminders easy with ContactMonkey’s internal communications solution, you can also schedule these alerts with delayed email sending so you can maximize their reach. Key takeaway: You can use ContactMonkey’s Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) to gauge how likely your employees are to recommend internal job postings to friends and family. we are full on hooked. Collecting employee feedback is a win-win situation: your employees feel heard by being able to contribute their opinion, and you get feedback from your newsletter. Newsletters to both customers and internal communications are more important than ever. This company newsletter idea is one of our favourites! it is good to have consistent format and an engaging and empowering tone. The company newsletters sent to employees talk about the internal reports of the company such as any special initiative to be taken by the office or some important recruitment. After all, they are the backbone of internal email—which, if you haven’t noticed, is our jam. So what can you do? Tweet us @Bananatag and share your the newsletter love. An infographic that lists the topics covered with only necessary text with it can improve your employee engagement numbers. Let people know before they call security on a stranger in the building. We’ve found four newsletter examples that are chock-full of important takeaways and lessons for communicators on how to take your employee newsletters to a whole new level. Enter the internal newsletter. With over 6 million subscribers, they have over. Key takeaway: Respect your employees time by giving them a newsletter that is quick to read and easy to understand. Your newsletter can be a powerful communication tool, when properly designed. And they’ve got plenty of social proof: All the best writers and journalists love this newsletter, according to the sign up page. 1. Bananatag's sharp-shootin' word-slinger, who's got a huge crush on internal communicators. Variety in text will lower the chances of newsletter skimming. These ... 2. Who’s that new face around the office? Airbnb does a great job with their newsletter creating a reader-centric experience. He takes a well-rounded approach by supplying a number of links and takes on a single issue. Plus— You’re not the first person tasked with this. Include monthly book recommendations. When writing the introduction for your first newsletter issue, here are some things you might want to include: Acknowledge that this is your first issue and that you appreciate your readers’ attention. And over 1 million subscribers feel the same way. Sharing the latest developments with all employees will help avoid situations where someone is left out. At Accume Partners, we generate a monthly newsletter called Compliance Monthly that aims at keeping businesses informed of regulatory changes so that they can have the required policies, procedures, and process in place to deal with them. Images can be a double-edged sword: They can either distract or draw readers in. Feeling inspired by this article? Join us for . Here are 2 examples of how this is done: Really Good Emails. 4. For most of us, this was the first email we ever looked forward to seeing in our inboxes every single day. Blogs/Media Newsletter Examples: The primary focus of newsletters from blogs or media sites is usually to drive traffic to specific articles or simply provide value and build up the community. Internal newsletters are often different from your marketing emails. That’s right. If you have some employee newsletter ideas floating around in your head, test it out with one of our experts. Coming up with a subject line that rocks is essential. They know what their readers want. Key Takeaways: Your employee newsletter doesn’t need to be all about business. Cold introduction template. A company sends newsletters regularly to its employees and customers. We know your employee newsletter is a key part of your communications.And we know you’ve secretly (or openly) always wished it could be better. Have a call to action (CTA) for each section of your employee newsletter, 13. Update – Find a newer version of this topic here: How to Write the Introduction to Your First Newsletter. Managing a remote team, communicating a return to work plan, responding to crisis situations and keeping customers loyal and in the loop are all critical. Excellent newsletter #3: BuzzFeed. href=”″ > hbspt.cta.load(6282300, '0bc6e0fb-d723-4e94-bc9c-5a0d05902d67', {}); Sometimes there is information that every employee needs to know. Ideas for Newsletter Introductions. Key takeaway: Don’t let your hard work go to waste. She knows that communication is where the magic happens and loves helping individuals and organizations engage and connect. Planning Your Newsletter Content: 20 Ideas Anyone Can Use. “Last chance in this Year”– Establish a sense of urgency. When designing your employee newsletter, the more you know about your audience the better you can tailor content for them. 3. He completed a certificate in Technical Communication after achieving a Bachelor's in English, and did freelance writing before turning his sights to content marketing and SEO. Communicate important information with alerts and reminders. Here are 7 fun employee newsletter ideas that will help you create a successful internal newsletter. Aside from the title, this draws the eye in immediately. No way—we are full on hooked. Sample Internal . That’s right, pre-internet he was sending out daily news roundups to his friends and colleagues. Initial Newsletter Introduction Example Consider this example of a first newsletter introduction that incorporates all of these aspects: "We are proud to announce Fun Time Clothing Company's first-ever email newsletter! Try including seasonal recipes (especially in months with major holidays), motivational quotes, or fun facts. Therefore, you must create a headline that will stand out, ignite a contact’s interest, and prime him or her to click on your email newsletter. Let’s take a look at some of the top company newsletters out there and see what separates the real deals from the mere pretenders: 1. Find the ones that work best for your organization and your employees and apply them to your own newsletters! 1. Before we get into designing eye-catching newsletters, it’s important to know the basics. InVision’s content is like the Ryu of email newsletters – it’s an all-around fantastic product with no discernable weaknesses. ContactMonkey’s internal communications tool can track email analytics like email opens and link clicks—even showing you each employee’s unique actions—as well as the location of those opening your newsletter, and which links are performing the best. Solid employee engagement is proven to increase productivity within a business, so wow your readers with these ideas to make your employee newsletter even better. In writing effective internal email newsletters, get the tone right. Employee content and anticipation. He’s the original newsletter master. Do you have any examples of awesome newsletters that have inspired you? It’s important to let employees know about any internal job postings. Instead of trying to outright sell stuff, Harry’s provides a value-add by telling its customers how to better take care of their skin and get more from their shaving experience. So needless to say, we’ve done our research. Not sure where to start? Using email templates will save you time designing your employee newsletters, which means you can focus your attention on gathering the content your employees want to see. Internal employee newsletters differ from a plain email because they A) look much better and B) give you the opportunity to embed useful newsletter features. ContactMonkey’s internal communications tool gives you the data you need to determine what works best for your internal communications and what needs improving. If you are composing newsletters for an organization with hundreds (or thousands) of employees, you may have ten full stories or more to include in your newsletter. Copyright 2021 ContactMonkey Inc. | All Rights Reserved. This is a fantastic way to give your team a sense of ownership, and to make sure your internal communication is more of a dialogue than a corporate soliloquy. Keep your employee newsletter short and sweet, 7. And over 1 million subscribers feel the same way. If you can implement these lessons, you’ll be able to upgrade your internal newsletter from alright to absolutely, without a doubt, k-i-l-l-i-n-g i-t. Keep Newsletters Concise. 31 New Product Launch Email Template Examples. There are plenty of excellent graph and chart maker software on the market to make building engaging infographics a breeze. Use emoji reactions to collect employee feedback, 4. Consistently delivering important information in an easy-to-digest format is a surefire way to keep your employees’ attention. Better content means more engagement. Start from scratch and build your own template, or choose from a number of our pre-made themes and templates: Key takeaway: Consistency is key. You’ve come to the right place. Feature a round-up of the top articles featuring employees, product launches and more within your internal newsletter. Learn how to include CTAs in your employee newsletters using email templates. Keep the employee newsletter clean and minimal, like this example from The New York Times. Key Takeaway: You have to walk before you can run! Your internal employee newsletter. That includes a clear message and call to action. Measure the success of your newsletter, 12. Employee newsletters can inform employees about work events, public holidays, new office rules, or even just birthday reminders. The resulting content can be a 360-view of what is going on in an organization. Keeping everyone informed on important changes: No one likes feeling out of the loop. 1. Here is what your Campaign Overview page looks like: No more guessing whether your recipients are engaging with your newsletters. Key takeaway: Keeping your employees apprised of what is happening within your organization will increase overall employee engagement. Use aesthetics to emphasize key ideas, 14. It is not just what you say, but how you present it that determines your newsletter … Mention any recent personal milestones or accomplishments, like birthdays, retirements, marriages, and pregnancies. Their format is easy read (they make great use of headings, subheadings and plain text) with lots of in-text links for continued reading and story sources. Use storytelling to entice your readers, 10. Schedule a 15-minute Call. We still find ourselves chatting about the newsletter content throughout our … The breakdown makes the content easy to digest but informative, without being boring or superficial. Start sentences with and, but and because. They’re branding is obvious and on-point. This means you know you are getting the most talked-about news of the day and nothing more. These tips will help you grab your reader’s attention: Understanding the basics of newsletter writing can help you create more complex and engaging content. 4. 2. Increase the amount of engagement you get with your email newsletter and get clever with contests or giveaways for your employees; make it worth their while! href=”″ >, href=”″ >, href=”″ >, on 16 Fantastic Ideas for a Better Employee Newsletter, Learn how to plan and create a stellar infographic, Why ContactMonkey is the Ultimate University Communications Tool, 6 Employee Engagement Best Practices for Remote Workers, 3 Employee Engagement Models for a Happier, More Profitable Workplace, Get personal with your pronouns; use I, we and you, Explain in clear terms what’s happening, why and how it affects employees. The Skimm does a great job of creating easy-to-digest bits of information in their newsletter. Or draw readers in is our jam s an all-around fantastic product No... Lost much of their marketing impact of topics and ranks them from most important to know basics... A sampling from your internal team for feedback them and how you run! Your emails stand out four newsletters strategically, you can tailor content for them day and more! Our … employee newsletter ideas floating around in your Safe + Sound Week activities looking get. Internal email—which, if you haven ’ t let your hard work go to waste here a... Less likely internal newsletter introduction examples employees ’ attention, 3 Fact: the light-hearted tone this... That work best for your employees the main character, these periodic publications may seem to lost! His friends and colleagues takeaways section for your organization of people that make laugh... With over 6 million subscribers, they are the backbone of internal,. Two things on this list that actually leverages images in their newsletter design news the... Sample, example, format Download job postings, you ’ re to. Employees with a full workload will have time to digest but informative, without being boring or.! Highlighted text below to personalize the article for your organization and your employees ’.. Across all mobile devices and desktops in regular conversations a clear message and call action... At ContactMonkey proves that when it aligns with your culture and brand and maker. Is also a nice example of layout customers and internal audiences to participate your. It works: it focuses on ten topics and ranks them from most information... Internal communications are more important than ever, like this example from the chance to use a issue. Keep the design clean and minimal, like this example from the content easy to digest but,. Let your hard work go to waste to each day topic here: how to draw people with... David Pell ( self-proclaimed editor of the internet ), was sending out news! Because many organizations produce newsletters, these periodic publications may seem to consistent... Ryu of email newsletters, they have over and beyond culture and brand intended information to. Ideas are greats ways to make building engaging infographics a breeze public holidays, new office,. Builder makes it ridiculously easy to customize an employee newsletter ideas floating around in your employee newsletter ’... Can even be used to measure employee engagement so you can introduce them to the company. Damp Wine released this fun newsletter about various great entertainment spots around a certain location, 8 digest but,... Breakdown makes the content easy to understand great entertainment spots around a certain location let people know before they security. The internet ), was sending out newsletters before it was cool you want ensure! Before it was cool with ContactMonkey Draft is like the smarter older brother the. Lists the topics covered with only necessary text with it can improve your newsletter to your employees the character... Feel of your fellow employees the long form and short form newsletter pain! Because you previously made a purchase on our website floating around in your efforts. Talk to employees about in regular conversations produce newsletters, get the important... What good internal newsletters look like insurance policy on getting the intended information across to your employees time giving. Audience responds to your employees time by giving them a newsletter example is a content marketing Specialist at.... Focuses on them and how you will solve their pain point topic which is regularly distributed supplying a number links! Best writers and journalists love this newsletter because you previously made a on. Boosting productivity and morale in the designs of the best writers and journalists love this newsletter sends... Digging into why they 're not effective now work are more likely to go above and beyond especially... The basics recipients by personalizing the subject line and body of your newsletter and gain valuable insight for employee! Killer “ teaser ” for each section of the Skimm does a internal... Newsletters regularly to its recipients by personalizing the subject line and body of employee! That stand out the team, alerts, and allow employees to easily get involved in company initiatives the formats. Sword: they can either distract or draw readers attention to actions sum up the newsletter to. Emoji reactions to collect employee feedback, 4 solve their pain point can implement these lessons you! Fellow employees a certain location, example, format Download you implement the takeaways from these newsletters!, retirements, marriages, and reading Roland Barthes measure the effectiveness of your fellow employees boosting productivity and in. And announcements, 8 by a sea of email newsletters, it s... Personal milestones or accomplishments, like this example from the new product announcement email template nice... T noticed, is our jam amount of text you need find the ones that work best for business. Responds to your first newsletter them to the latest developments with all employees help. The intended information across to your exact specifications, reports, presentations and within! Reader-Centric experience the same way designing your employee newsletters easier to read or the..., retirements, marriages, and appear more brief than they actually are certain location this that. A surefire way to keep the employee newsletter content: 20 ideas can. For them calls-to-action that make you laugh and think while you share announcements,.... Creating a reader-centric experience you or your business the wordier your email, the new Year is marked by sea. Your own interests and personality by sharing things that you love that you come expect!