A self-cheque is a cheque drawn in one’s own name, which means the drawer and the payee are the same. بوسیله این مطلب مطالعه بیشتری داشته باشند,  Cashing a cheque: This is being offered the cash in hand. We also have the details on how to cash or deposit a check in person. That means they are beginning to favor speed over safety. The cheque might still have been paid in. You take the check to your bank or the bank from which the check was written, show your picture ID and they give you the money. Sponsored Listings. Cashing a check with two names on it can be done in one of two main different ways depending on how the names are written out. If your transaction was made through the bank, it will likely draft money out of your bank account; if your balance is low, you may be charged overdraft fees. Deposit your cheque securely through the app with a few simple taps. Comparison Table. Plus, the expenses related to a single bad check can snowball. If the bank believes you’ve committed fraud intentionally, it may close your account in addition to charging the fees. FAQ Loans. It can only be encashed in the drawer’s bank. If the cheque is crossed (as almost all are these days), it can only be paid into an account in the name of the person it was written out to: it cannot be paid into another's account, nor can it be "cashed" 1 – see the rules on "Crossed" cheques. //
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